Terry Traffic Stops can lead to several outcomes but can machine learning answer what factors generally lead to an arrest?


In 1968, the supreme court ruled in Terry v. Ohio that an officer can stop and search (better known by some states as stop and frisk) a person if the officer had reasonable suspicion as to their activity (the court does actually differentiate between reasonable suspicion and mere suspicion). Thus…

Golden Rice is a special form of genetically modified grain designed to have high levels of Vitamin A in order to combat the numerous number of diseases that arise in poverty stricken countries from Vitamin A deficiency

World Hunger Isn’t Purely Caused By Lack of Agricultural Resources

World Hunger has never been an easy question to tackle. Poverty, uneven distribution of resources, and lack of foods high in nutritional value are some of the biggest impactors that drive higher levels of hunger and malnutrition. Yet, world hunger doesn’t exist because the global food stores are scarce. According…

Christopher Delacruz

Chris de la Cruz is a guacamole-eating and fitness-loving data scientist, actor, freestyler, and beatboxer (under the moniker MC Lightbulb)

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