Attacking World Hunger From Two Fronts: Biotechnology and Targeted Financial Aid

Golden Rice is a special form of genetically modified grain designed to have high levels of Vitamin A in order to combat the numerous number of diseases that arise in poverty stricken countries from Vitamin A deficiency

World Hunger Isn’t Purely Caused By Lack of Agricultural Resources

Genetically Modifying Foods To Make Them Healthier

Even in the U.S., nearly half the populations actively avoids GM foods


The number of loans for food-related expenses (at its highest) ranges from almost 20,000 loan requests to over 70,000 loan requests in only 3 years

Everyone Deserves A Fighting Chance

The global population who fall under extreme poverty has been on the drop over the past 20 years (not including the start of the pandemic which has likely rose increased this population)

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